About Us

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Nan’s Button Box Bouquets was founded early in 2012 by two sisters in Sydney, Australia.


Both sisters have a special relationship with both their Grandmothers. Both Nans had a box full of old buttons which had been acquired over many years. This box was often brought out and each button examined in awe and many questions raised as to what item of clothing the button came from. These questions led to reminiscing of memories associated with those pieces of clothing.


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When it came time for Katie to get married she knew she wanted a button bouquet. Katie and Lynsey decided to make their own. After all, Katie does have a background in fine arts and Lynsey a floristry background.


Guests to the engagement party were asked to bring a button with them to be used ‘somewhere in the wedding’ and these were later incorporated into Katie’s bouquet. The guests’ faces lit up when the bouquet and their buttons were revealed and many commented on how special they felt to be included in such a fabulous memento!


From this the business has grown and Katie and Lynsey are now committed to providing an expert, professional and unique service to brides around Australia.

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